Deep in the mysticism of Vietnam: a day at Giong Temple. The sweet side of the teacher A silk passage MY SUNDAY What a day
DSC_1293 DSC_0762 DSC_0562 temple snapshot

Deep in the mysticism of Vietnam: a day at Giong Temple.

It has been a while since my last post,mainly because sometimes here the internet connection is far from satisfactory; anyway, in this post I would like to share with you some photographs I took at Giong Temple. You will not see plain photographs of the temple like in a postcard but just what I saw […]


The sweet side of the teacher

Yes, I know you have been waiting for this moment to come. I know you have been waiting for the sweet side of me putting pictures of the children I spend my time with every day (actually, I already gave you a little preview in one of the last posts). Every volunteer in the world posts […]


A silk passage

Today I went with Marion to Van Phuc, a village traditionally associated to silk weaving near Hanoi. As usual for me during my Vietnamese trips we got lost but thanks to Quynh and to the beautiful Vietnamese people we finally found the village. Honestly I thought it was bigger, anyway, good things come in small […]



Sunday is the extra curricular activity day, and yesterday we went to the Dai Lai Lake by motorbike. Unfortunately roads’ conditions didn’t allow me to take many pictures while riding. Anyway, after almost 40 km we arrived to the lake, and we rented four colourful swan shape paddleboats; there was an island in the middle […]


What a day

When I don’t teach English to Vietnamese adults or children, I love to go and visit new places around Hanoi. Today was one of the best day since I arrived here in Vietnam. I went out with my French friend to have a look around, and we ended up in a little village: the first […]


Good Morning Vietnam

Here you will find my photo-journey on my Vietnamese Experience. Yes, I am currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. You may wonder how come a 26-years-old Italian guy, decided to move in such a different and remote place, after having lived and studied in Milan and London, but the answer  is quite easy: I was given […]

I love analogue

I took these photographs with a Canon A1 analogue camera. The snapshots shown here are part of a bigger project related to the traditional photography.    

Once upon a time there were shops

Walking around London I’ve been attracted by few little old shops, and I decide to focus my project on them.I think they are an important evidence of how a shop with a strong identity could maintain its characteristics, even if today shops tend to be all similar from each other. We got used to go to […]

while you sleep

While you sleep

I developed this project during several months. By visiting Billingsgate fish market many time I got to know a group of fishmongers. I spent there entire nights, I took pictures of them and I listened the stories of their lives. This experience fostered my interest for this place and I got really curious about fishmongersʼ […]