Sunday is the extra curricular activity day, and yesterday we went to the Dai Lai Lake by motorbike. Unfortunately roads’ conditions didn’t allow me to take many pictures while riding.
Anyway, after almost 40 km we arrived to the lake, and we rented four colourful swan shape paddleboats; there was an island in the middle of the lake and we headed there, as there was a park we wanted to visit. We walked around the park for a while, and then we got back to mainland.

The second part of the day was more relaxing; we ate buffalo meat in a very typical restaurant.Once finished our feast we went back home and after a much needed and deserved nap, my friend Quynh and I went to Hanoi old quarter. We were looking for a traditional musical instrument shop(I will explain in the next weeks why), but as usual we got lost a couple of times.  While walking around, eating Qua Sau (a small bitter fruit) and drinking Mia Da (sugar cane juice), we finally found the shop!

The owner was very easy going and he talked with us about music, while playing “Guantanamera” with Gongs. He was so kind that he answered all the questions that Quynh and me asked him about the Vietnamese traditional musical instruments, and he taught us how to play the Dan Bau, a monochord musical instrument, apparently very easy to play. You don’t know how satisfied I was when I started to play it in the right way!

 After visiting the musician in Hanoi, on our way back home we stopped in a little “restaurant” on the street where we ate noodles with fried eel. DELICIOUS!!!




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