The sweet side of the teacher


Yes, I know you have been waiting for this moment to come. I know you have been waiting for the sweet side of me putting pictures of the children I spend my time with every day (actually, I already gave you a little preview in one of the last posts).
Every volunteer in the world posts pictures of little beautiful pupils. In China, Africa, India, why shouldn’t I do the same in Vietnam? The truth is that my little students are the best in the world: they’re intelligent, smart, curious.  They’re just perfect. And I feel lucky and blessed  to have met them, I am  honoured to be their teacher.They make my day, I just can’t help sharing these happy smiles.

Here we are, in the pictures below at the end of the lesson, enjoy!

P.S.: I brought the camera with me that day, and some of the pictures were taken by the little students themselves

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