What a day

When I don’t teach English to Vietnamese adults or children, I love to go and visit new places around Hanoi.
Today was one of the best day since I arrived here in Vietnam.
I went out with my French friend to have a look around, and we ended up in a little village: the first thing we noticed was a church, a catholic church.
There were plenty of women with a violet dress praying.
We had the chance to meet the priest, who was surrounded by children. While they were playing around, he explained us that the village has a high percentage of Catholic people, that the church is always crowded and that they were organizing a celebration for the evening.
Children were happy and funny, and they got so attracted by  my camera, that they came closer to see how it worked: they didn’t realize that I was taking pictures of them looking  literally “in”  the camera! They were so nice that they gave me a sticker of a Saint as a present, and they wanted me to put it on my camera.
I gave up, and the sticker is now on my beloved camera…
On our way home, all of a sudden we heard music, loud music of people playing instruments.
We also saw a lot of people gathering in one place, and we decided to see what was happening, and.. I got to see my first Vietnamese soccer match!
There were boys playing soccer, people playing musical instruments, people watching the match.
And guess what? Also the priest and all the children were there, so we met our new friends again, and the children were so happy to see us again.

 I am happy, too. I am happy for the day, happy to have met new people, happy to have played with children, happy to  have talked with the Vietnamese priest, and happy to have seen the match.
Happy to get to know and appreciate Vietnamese people, their places and their culture everyday, little by little.

I am going to bed now, with a big smile on my face:  if happines comes from thelittle things, these are days worth living.


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